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I'm Clare! 
I'm a wedding photographer - in case you haven't guessed that already! 
I live in Rayleigh, Essex with my boyfriend and our 3 babies... I mean cats.

 I love coffee, cake and pizza...

...but you're probably here to find out more about me as a wedding photographer, not why I prefer thin & crispy over deep pan.

I started in the industry about 15 years ago, right at the bottom of the ladder - cleaning toilets in a local studio.  I then trained up and started running the portrait studio whilst shooting weddings on the side.  Now my main focus is in weddings with a small amount of portrait, event and commercial on the side.

Since then I've shot 100's of weddings and worked with numerous other photographers - basically - I'm pretty experienced!  If something goes wrong (not that it will, obviously) I've probably seen it before, and I've probably fixed it too.

I'm happiest at a wedding when other people are laughing, usually at my expense - I'll happily climb on stuff or crawl on the floor and that usually brings out a few expressions!

I think I'm a bit 'extra mile':

 - I’ll cry at least once, usually during the ceremony or speeches – though I try and hide it!
 - I don’t clock-watch, if you’re running late – that’s OK by me.
 - I’ll let other guests take pictures – and get people laughing for them.
 - I butter up vicars to let me take pictures (flash off, be quiet and don’t move too much!)
 - I’ll pull tissues out from the camera bag, scissors and needle and thread just in case. I've even given a Bride my spare bra! (This doesn't happen at every wedding…)
 - I’ll ask a million questions before the big day… Who? What? Where? When? I don’t want to miss a thing!

The Gallery of Me

Below is a ton of photos of either me at 'work', Katie (my usual second shooter and muse!), my car (which is one of my signatures - it appears in most of my weddings usually by accident!), my cats or Dave (my other half - I made him stand in the sea holding a flash gun whilst photographing my sister's wedding in Scotland!)  Oh and Steve the video guy (check him out - www.simplyweddingmovies.co.uk )

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